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ExtraRebates NPO Fundraising Program Will End on Dec. 31, 2016

Help USTC Alumni Foundation while you shop online!

When you shop online at our Shopping Mall, there will be ExtraRebates (cash rebates as rewards for your shopping with ExtraRebates.com) for your purchases.

(ExtraRebates Match Fund Program has ended in September, 2016.)

If you would like to donate ExtraRebates, just go to shop at our Shopping Mall here, the ExtraRebates for your purchases will automatically go to USTC Alumni Foundation .

Featured Stores: ( Click here for all 566 participating stores)


AT&T Wireless

4.50% Rebate $20.00 Rebate Rebate 1.00% Rebate

Rebate Rebate Rebate Rebate

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